Friday, July 6, 2018


     SATURDAY, JULY 7TH., 2018

    Some of you probably recognize that
quote from the character Terry Malloy in
the movie "On The Waterfront." The
boxer lamented about what his career
could have been like with a proper
      Well, fact is, if I knew then what I
know now I could have been a contender!
       You see this is July 7th which also
happens to be "International Cherry Pit
Spitting Day!"
        There's a major competition scheduled
for Eau Clire, Michigan today. I haven't
the faintest idea what the prizes are but
just think of how great it would be to win
the bragging rights!
        You see when I was a kid growing
up in Hazleton we had two or three cherry
trees growing in our back yard. They were
sour cherries but they tasted just great when
picked ripe right off the tree. And I and my
neighborhood friends took special
pleasure in "ejecting" those pits, sometimes
at each other, after enjoying the fruit.
        We could be pretty forceful! And
pretty accurate!
        Imagine if I was aware of this special
International Day back then and could have
been training all those years!
        I might have even been able to enter
back then. I'm not sire how long they've
hosted this competition but they're got all
sorts of age categories including 5 and under!
        Maybe I can start introducing my 2-year-old
grandson to the "sport!" (Don't tell his Mom!!!)
        Anyway, had I know I could probably
even give Rick "Pellet Gun" Krause a run for
his money! Rick is the 2017 Cherry Pit Spitting
Contest Champion with a distance of 57' 11" !
          I'm moved by the sprit of this day! I may
just visit a Farmer's Market, buy some cherries,
and relive old times!
          Hope you're not walking too close at
the time.....and that all your NEWS is good!

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