Monday, July 2, 2018


  TUESDAY, JULY 3RD., 2018

   Tuesday, July 3rd. A great day to stay at home!
   We've all hear the expression....."Those Dog days
of Summer." Well it's not just an expression! They
are real. And they begin today!
     They run from July 3rd to August 11th and
coincide with the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius.
     If that's not enough to worry you, it's also
"Stay Out Of The Sun Day!" Bet you didn't
know about that one!
     The cautions connected with both of these
strange "holidays" are pretty obvious. You're
warned to protect yourself from the heat and
the direct rays of the sun.
     But what are we suppose with the day if we
agree to "observe" them by staying inside?
     Well I'm glad you asked.
     Fortunately July 3rd also hosts several other
unique "holidays" that provide possible
     It is, for instance, the official start of  "Air
Conditioning Appreciation Days!" I will admit
to getting a heard start on this celebration
over the past 4 days or so. 95 degree days should
be limited, by law, to deserts!  75 to 80 is just
fine by me...IF...the humidity is low enough.
     July 3rd is also "National Eat Beans Day!"
     So, while you're hiding from the "Dog Days"
and keeping out of the sun, you can enjoy a
bowl of beans or two. Any more and you'll
probably have no choice but to stay inside......
probably in one specific room!
      But wait, there's more!
      July 3rd is also "Compliment Your Mirror
      Of course that one can be observed anywhere
you can find a mirror!  I've seen more than one
young woman observing the day way ahead of
schedule and often stopped at a traffic light.
      And one here or there that weren't
stopped at the time! I'll limit my celebration to
my morning shave.
     Anyhow as you can clearly see, even without
a mirror, these July 3rd "holidays" are
sneaking up on you so you had better be
      Make sure you don't "let the dogs out,"
use plenty of sun tan lotion, stay cool, comb
your hair, and eat your beans!
      Hope you survive the day (tomorrow's
the 4th!) and that all your NEWS is good!

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