Wednesday, July 4, 2018


    WEDNESDAY, JULY 4TH., 2018

    My wife and I joined our son, daughter-
in-law, two grandkids, and friends for a
wonderful fireworks display at the
Tunkhannock Area High School Stadium
last night!
     It was, of course, a professional
pyrotechnics company that launched the
rockets and set off the explosions.
     But companies like that now have
competition. As you may already know
from reading the news or hearing your
neighbors many of the restrictions
governing the sale of fireworks in
Pennsylvania have been lifted and now
nearly anybody and buy nearly everything.
     Of course buying a car doesn't
necessarily mean you know how to drive!
     I suspect the neighborhood explosions
are going to be a bit louder over the next
few weeks (for some reason some people
like to celebrate Independence Day for
about 4 to 5 weeks.)
      I'm not quite as concerned about the
noise, although I certainly don't welcome
it, as I am about the nuts who set off
sky rockets with no regard as to their
      Of course the State will have some
new rules governing the use of fireworks.
Problem is, the committee that will set
those rules won't meet for a week or two!
Guess they wanted to take time off for
the holiday.
       So, we've got the new fireworks
sales but not the new fireworks rules.
Good luck to us!
        Hope your July 4th is happy and
safe and that all your NEWS is good!

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