Wednesday, July 11, 2018


  THURSDAY, JULY 12TH., 2018

    On Wednesday my wife and I
headed out to the Hometown Market.
    Technically, I suppose, it is a
"Farmer's Market" although you can
buy just about anything there any
Wednesday of the week, year round!
     I had my mind set of some extra
sharp Cheddar cheese but we looked
around a bit first surveying all the
goods and wears in sight.
      I have a terrible time passing
the French  Fry Stand there! They're
especially tasty and remind me of
the fries you get at the County Fairs.
       It was extra hard to pass this
time since I've been trying to get my
weight down a bit. But, rationalizing
I'd limit myself to a small dinner, I
broke down and got an order for my
wife and I to split.
       I found a market booth selling
meat and cheese and was able to
get a couple pounds of the sharp
cheese I set out for.
        Then, 50 yards further on, I
spotted a similar booth with a stack
of wrapped cheese labeled "Reserve
Cheese." Not sure if that meant it
had been set aside for someone I
asked what "Reserve Cheese" might
         Turns out, in this case, it is a
sharp cheddar that's been aged for
7 years! I had to have some!
           But wait! There's more!
In the same case, just a short
display away, my wife spotted
something that took her back to
her youth.
            She vividly recalls sitting
on the back porch of her house with
her Dad as they shared Limburger
Cheese and onion sandwiches and
he let her have a sip of his beer.
            There, before our eyes,
was Limburger cheese!
              When I saw her expression
there was no doubt we would be
taking some home! For her!
                And so, as we settled in
back at the house, I followed by
luncheon fries with a piece of
"Reserved cheese" while my wife
prepared a memory dish featuring
a Limburger cheese sandwich
topped with a big slice of onion!
                Oh, by the way, we decided
to go all out so I stopped at a beer
store on the way home and got the
Blue Moon she enjoys while I went
for some low carb Ultra.
                 A fine day and "dinner."
Hope she brushes her teeth well and
that all your NEWS is good!


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