Sunday, July 8, 2018


  MONDAY, JULY 9TH., 2018

   My grandson usually cuts our
grass for us but he went off to camp
    I got the foolish notion I should
cut it myself/ Probably a bad idea.
    The humidity was beginning to
return when we returned from our
luncheon drive to Kundla's Bar-B-Q
     We knew our power mower was
having problems but my wife was
convinced fresh gas would get it
moving again. Besides she had found
a can of that stuff you use to start
stubborn cars and I figured that might
just help do the trick.
        So I got the gas, filled the mower,
gave it a shot of "Quick Start", pulled
the starter cord and, sure enough, it
fired right up! For about 2 seconds!
        This scene was repeated about
30 times. I was so worn out from
pulling the cord I wasn't sure I'd be
able to actually cut the grass of the
dang thing started!
         Fortunately we also keep an
electric lawn mower in our shed. I
pulled it out and spent the next 40
minutes pushing the mower and
lugging the cord behind and to the
side of me trying to prevent running
it over. I have, by the way, done that
in the past.
         So, as I write, the grass is cut,
the cord is still in tact, and one quick
pull on the gas mower's cord will
probably start it up. For about 2 seconds.
         I, in the meantime, am exhausted
and hoping my grandson's week in
camp will go quickly before the
grass grows again.
          I'm also hoping all your NEWS
is good!

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