Thursday, July 5, 2018


        FRIDAY, JULY 6TH., 2018

    No the bed is just fine thank you! It's
the other "Sheetz" I'm concerned about.
The ones that sell gasoline!
    Just before the holiday my wife and
I noticed a sudden jump in gas prices at
the Sheetz station close to our house.
    Other nearby stations were selling
a gallon of regular for up to 8 cents less
than our neighboring station. That's a
big difference!
     I realize the market changes quickly.
But usually, when that happens, the
increase is pretty much the same at
all area service stations.
     J remember when the Sheetz nearest
us first opened. It beat anybody's prices
for quite some time. Then, little by little
I saw the change happening. The prices
started to run about 4 to 5 cents higher
that other stations. Even other Sheetz
stations in the area.
       We began to wonder if its location,
directly across the Casino where New
York and New Jersey drivers were more
apt to fill up before their trip home, was
a motivating factor. And we started
driving a little farther to fill up our tanks.
        Was the July 4 holiday the reason
for the latest hike in prices? I can't say
for certain but I have my suspicions!
Just like I get suspicious when that
automatic receipt doesn't print and
there's a message reading "See the
Cashier." Lazy attendants or just a way
of getting you into the store where you
may buy something? Remember, they're
also "Convenience Stores!"
         I once came in and had to wait at
the end of a line of a dozen people just
to get my printed receipt.
         Basically I liked the Sheetz chain
but I don't like the company rattling mine
to milk every penny out of a gallon of
        Hope corporate gets the message
and that all your NEWS is good!


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