Thursday, July 5, 2018


    THURSDAY, JULY 5TH., 2018
   Many will recall the lyrics of the tune
that signaled the opening of the popular
kid's show "Mr Roger's Neighborhood."
He's sing "It's a beautiful day in the
  I got to thinking about that song today
while reading some Facebook comments
from people who aren't too happy with
their neighbors.
   They weren't real specific. But some
of their feelings may have something to
do with folks who seem to have bought
enough fire crackers to celebrate
Independence Day for about two weeks.
  Usually it's between 7pm and 2am.  
  Well let's face it. Neighborhoods
have changed a lot since I was a kid.
  First of all, back then, we knew
all the neighbors! People seemed to
stay in one place longer then.
  They also used their porches more!
  Mine had solid walls so you could
pretend it was a fort or a ship or
  People even SAT on them and said
hello to neighbors who passed by on
their daily stroll.
  At the very least you'd probably
see the mailman who came by twice a
  I've seen a lot of huge porches
lately. But I don't often see
people sitting on them!
  We know some who couldn't
sit on their front porch.
  The junk was taking up all the
   As for knowing the neighbors,
it's a little harder for me than
it used to be. More are of the
'come and go' variety.
  Some, as those Facebook comments
might suggest, you're not sure you
want to know.
  And some you know all too well
even if you don't know them because
their shouts are loud enough to
seem like they're already in your
living room.
  The mailman doesn't always come
to your home anymore. A lot of
developments have mailbox banks
and you go there to pick up you
  It's times like that when you
wish Mr Rogers were living next
door and that Mr. McFeeley was
providing his 'Speedy delivery'
on behalf of the U.S. Postal
  Well, if you happen to see
your neighbor, please pass along
my hope that all of his, and your
NEWS is good!

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