Tuesday, July 10, 2018


   WEDNESDAY, JULY 11TH., 2018
            SUNDAE MEMORIES!

      July 11th, in addition to being my
daughter Missy's Birthday, is "Make Your
Own Sundae Day!"
       I remember my days as a kid back
in Hazleton when, at the time, I had a
four different Dairy Bars, often called
"Soda Fountains" within walking
distance of my house. The closest was
about three and a half blocks away the
furthest about six blocks.
        I'd often head to one of them on a
Sunday to get a sundae!
        Most had a counter and stools and
a couple had booths as well.
        Of course we certainly didn't make
our own Sundaes. We let the experts
handle that.
        The biggie in Hazleton was the
"CMP." (Chocolate, Marshmallow,
Peanut Sundae.)
        Yesterday we came across a
Dairy Bar straight out of the old days.
          "Chantilly Goods" is located
in the small community of Weissport
just outside Lehighton. Except for the
teens who manned the counter the
place was pure vintage "Soda Fountain!"
            The ice cream glasses were
like those we remembered from back
in the day. There was an old fashion
cash register (although that was for
show.) Even 50's music sounding
throughout the place which includes
one full wall filled with candy
             It's kind of amazing to find
the treasures that are tucked away
here and there not all that far from
            Although we were a day
ahead of this impressive "holiday"
my wife mixed a couple flavors for
her sundae while I opted for a Malted
             Whether you make your own
or have the "Soda Jerk" do it for you
hope you'll enjoy a sundae and that all
your NEWS is good!

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