Sunday, July 1, 2018


    MONDAY, JULY 2ND., 2018
               OH CANADA!

    I'm tossing out a salute to our
neighbors to the north today. It's
"Canada Day.....sort of.
    Canada became self governing
on July 1st., 1867. "Canada" or
"Dominion Day" is, thus, like
our Independence Day.
     In Canada's case, however, the
day is celebrated on the 2nd of July
if the 1st falls on a Sunday. I guess
it would be nearly the same if we
decided to make the 4th of July one
of our Monday holidays.
     Anyhow, I like Canada.
     Visiting there is like visiting
another country. Oh. Wait a minute.
      Still we have a lot in common.
Most people there still speak
English although they often end
their sentence with the phrase "eh?"
That seems more classy then "hayna?"
       They sell things like hot dogs
and coke there and they even take
American money in payment. That's
kind of cool because when you come
back home you can give the kids
the Canadian money you got in
         Although our countries have
had occasional differences, like in
aluminum, we've really been very
cordial over the years.
          During my short term as a
DJ in Massena, New York, the bulk
of our audience was made up of
Canadians and they were always
very friendly even though their
requests required an "International
          I don't know if they celebrate
Canada Day with fireworks but they
can cross the border and buy plenty
of them around here if they want.
Sorry to say, though. they'll have to
use American money. But at lest
they'll be able to spend the change
when they go home.
          Hope we all enjoy happy
Independence days and that all our
NEWS is good!        

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