Tuesday, August 13, 2019


     WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14TH., 2019
            NO ONE "LEFT" BEHIND!

    I must apologize.  In my efforts to complain
about our Interstate parking lots, I mean
highways, I ignored an important yet
generally unrecognized holiday that should
get some attention. Consequently although
this blog is dated August 14th I am posting
it while a few minutes of the 13th yet remain. 
    August 13th is (or was or those reading
this on Wednesday) International Lefthanders
     For years people who favored their left
hand were looked down upon. I've heard
stories of teachers, especially in Catholic
schools, hitting kids on their knuckles for
using their left hand!
     I wonder if Leonardo Da Vince, John
F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, or Isaac Newton
ever got their knuckles rapped? They were
all lefties!
     My late brother was a brilliant math and
computer science teacher. He played golf
left handed. I don't think he ever got his
knuckles slapped!
     A few years before age retired me from
playing softball I taught myself to bat left
handed from time to time. It put me one
step closer to first base at a time when every
step closer helped!
     And look at the pitchers in Major League
Baseball who are making the team and a
fortune because they're "southpaws!"
      So let's raise a glass to the lefties even
if you;re reading this a day late and, while
we're at it, let's raise the left hand!
      Hope all your NEWS is good!

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