Saturday, August 1, 2020


   SUNDAY, AUGUST 2ND., 2020
               DO OVERS!
     The social distancing rules prompted
by the virus pandemic are really taking a
toll. Over the past couple weeks I've seen
the results first hand.
        Two of our nieces had weddings
scheduled this fall. Both dates have
now been cancelled.
         A family reunion which began
in 1912, held through two World Wars,
has been called off for 2020.
         And now, late last week, I learned
that my 60th Class Reunion has been
          I'm sure some of you have had
similar disappointments. When you're
a kid playing pick up games you sometimes
get a "Do Over" when things don't go
exactly as planned.
          That;s our best bet now...Do Overs!
The weddings can be rescheduled.
           Both reunions can, hopefully,
resume next year. But the problem with
reunions is the ever growing list of those
who don't get a Do Over!
            The ranks of that old gang of  mine
are growing thinner, Our graduating class of
446 has already lost 113 of our classmates.
             Of course those ranks could thin
out a lot faster were we to meet so it's
probably best we wait till our 61st year
to celebrate our 60th.
              I was late for class a lot anyway
so who's going to notice? Hey, we can
stay longer, just like in detention!!!!!
              Hope you;re well and that all
your NEWS is good

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