Tuesday, March 15, 2016



     For the second time in less than
three weeks my wife lured me back
to the Shopping Mall on a quest for
     I figured it wouldn't be so bad
this time. All I needed was a dress
shirt and you don't have to try those
things on. We already had my neck
and arm measurements.
     As a guy who has worn a suit
most every day of his working life
I've bought a few dress shirts over
the years.
     Of course 99% of all the shirts
I've worn with my suits were white.
But in this case our quest was for a
shirt that was "off white." As a guy
I'm not even sure what that's
suppose to mean. But my wife knew.
     There had to be 2,000shirts
waiting for our inspection in the
Men's Department. Much to my
surprise 99% of them were not white!
In fact there were colors I never
thought you'd find on shirts.
      Even if they had all those colors
back in the day I never would have
dared to wear them. Orange and Pink
don't play well on the scene of a
homicide story!
       Interestingly enough we even
found a couple my wife assured me
were "off color." I mean " off white."
Of course none of them came in my
size! Naturally!
        A helpful clerk got on line
and found what we needed although
it only came in a short sleeve style.
That's OK. I'll be wearing a jacket
so sleeve length is no big deal.
        Hope that's it for Malls and
Men's Departments for awhile and
that all your NEWS is good!

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