Monday, March 7, 2016


           TEEING OFF!

      I watched my grandson as
he was teeing off Sunday. But
we were no where near a golf
      I joined him and my son-
in-law for a luncheon at our
local Cracker Barrel restaurant.
      A long time ago someone
in that popular chain was
apparently charged with the
task of coming up with a way to
keep patrons entertained while
waiting for their meals to be
prepared. The result of those
efforts is a triangular-shaped
wooden block with 15 holes and
14 colorful golf tees.
      The challenge is to remove
the tees by jumping one over
another until you've only one
tee left!
      My grandson did the moving.
But, admittedly, I'd be watching,
and second guessing each move,
as he whittled the tees down to
two! It always came down to two!
It was driving me crazy!!!!!
       I might have gotten involved
but, thankfully, my meal arrived!
My sanity was restored (at least
for a half hour or so.)
        I know if I tried I just get
"Teed off!"
        Hope your dinner comes
quickly and that all your NEWS
is good!


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