Tuesday, March 1, 2016


         WHO'S ON FIRST?

   I got a call from a good friend
yesterday who seemed pretty
excited. He was on the road,
heading home from Arizona, and
was all enthusiastic because it was
"Super Tuesday!"
    I told him it was pretty super
back here too since the temperature
was around 53 degrees. But he
wasn't talking about the weather.
    He's all into politics and, it seems,
there were a mess of elections being
held around the country yesterday.
    Now I don't follow politics the
way I used to. That's partly because
I used to have to do it! Of course
even "back then" when I knew just
about every candidate, especially at
the local and state level, I was never
really good when it came to predicting
winners or losers. In fact, some of the
winners I came to know turned out to
be the biggest losers. A couple of them
are still in jail.
     I never want my Blog to get involved
in politics. That's a subject that should
be tackled by writers far more serious
that I.
     I guess for my own edification I
should start watching more closely
again since, apparently, there's a
Presidential race involved. So, Who's
On First?
      I have already heard a couple of the
names. I know that Clinton lady who
comes to Scranton a lot is involved. I
think she has a relation that already
had a turn. There's also a "Sanders"
guy. But I'm not sure if he's the one
in the white coat that sells the chicken
or not.
      I know one of the Republican
candidates really well. He had his own
TV show and liked to fire people. I
hear he talks a lot about a big wall. But
I thought we already had a Republican
President who got that wall torn down.
Maybe it's a different wall.
      There was also a guy from New
Jersey. But I understand he's dropped
out. That's to bad. I like the gas prices
in New Jersey and was hoping his
election could lower ours just a little
       There are some other folks running
too. But I don't know much about them
Guess I'll have to Bush.....I mean...brush
up on the race a little more.
        Hope somebody wins, eventually,
and that all of your NEWS is good!   

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