Monday, March 14, 2016


         TUESDAY, MARCH 15TH.

    I don't like to get too serious in my
Blogs. It's too much fun making fun
of things that happen to me everyday
and making sure you're aware of
unusual holidays that are daily
excuses for silly celebrations. But
today I'm going to switch things a
bit and take a different track!
    On Sunday my grandson and I
spent part of the day at Steamtown.
As we walked from one room to
another admiring the exhibits to
railroad history my eyes opened wide
as I saw a small engine and passenger
car that brought back memories and
prompted a lot of questions.
     Years ago while on the news beat
for WYOU TV I covered a story
involving a generous local man named
Hank Evanish.  Mr. Evanish, who has
since passed away, had discovered the
rusty remains of an amusement train
ride that once entertained children in
Scranton's Nay Aug Park. As I recall
it was headed for the junk yard when
Evanish bought the train, had it
restored and donated in back to the
city to once again be set up at the
      I know it ran there, or at least sat
there, for a couple of years. But then
it disappeared again. I had heard a
rumor that it had been lent or given
(not such which) to Steamtown. And,
sure enough, there it was! The
Lackawanna Railroad Diesel-looking
engine and one of the passenger cars
that carried children over those rails
in Nay Aug Park.
      First I rejoiced! So  happy to see
that train still preserved.
      But then I realized there was
something missing. There was no
plaque or information sheet to tell
visitors about the history of this little
train. Where it rolled. How it was
saved from the junk yard by an area
man who cared. Or how he hoped it
would roll again. And what better
place than Steamtown!
       Rail enthusiasts from around the
world come to this place. Why not
set up the tracks, perhaps add more,
and allow visiting children to enjoy
this historic attraction? I'd love to
see it done. How about you? At the
very least the history of this once
popular amusement park ride should
be on display!
       Perhaps some letters or calls to
Steamtown! This is the Little Engine
that should....have our support!
       Hope someone pays attention
and that all your NEWS is good!


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