Saturday, March 12, 2016



    Spring may not officially be
here. But the sky has been blue,
the temperatures mild and there's
work to be done in the fields.
    We needed some migrant
labor to begin our Spring clean
up. And we got it. All the way
from Wyoming (the Borough
not the State).
     Of course in our case the
"fields" are the front and back
yards and the work involved
raking both and hauling the
waste to the nearby woodlands.
The migrant labor came in the
form of our grandson who happen
to be coming for a sleepover!
     Although he doesn't yet
have a Driver's License he
has mastered the wheelbarrow
and made short order of the work.
      There was, of course, some
financial compensation and then
a pledge to fill his desire for some
pizza. Living here in northeastern
Pennsylvania, which could be
considered the Pizza Capital of
the world, should have made this
easy. But my wife and I both
detected our grandson's yen for
some travel.
     So, we headed out to one of
our favorite pizza places. An
hour and a half later we found
ourselves dining at Village Pizza
in Montague, NJ, just across the
border from Port Jervis, New
York! Doesn't everybody do that?
     Long day. But everybody
including the "migrant" seemed
pleased so after resetting all the
clocks we decided to call it a
     Hope the garlic odor
dissipates soon and that all your
NEWS is good!


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