Friday, March 18, 2016



   Forget the calendar and the
Groundhog! We're all looking
for signs of Spring.
    The Crocus have popped
up through the ground in our
backyard. That's a pretty good
sign even though the weather
folks are talking about snow
on Sunday.
    But, if everything has gone
as expected one of the surest
signs of Spring takes place in
California early on the morning
of March 19th.
     This is the day the Swallows 
come back to Capistrano! There's
even a song about it but you've
probably got to be 60 or over to
remember it.
      At dawn on St. Joseph’s Day,
that's March 19th, the little birds
arrive and begin rebuilding their
mud nests, which cling to the ruins
of the Great Stone Church of San
Juan Capistrano.
      I guess the closest thing we've
got around here is the geese flying
North. I heard some the other day
but I never actually saw them.
       Hope the Swallows are back,
the geese are going North, and
that all your NEWS is good!


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