Wednesday, March 9, 2016


            EXTRA BUTTER?

     It's the second Sunday in March
folks. And that makes it "Popcorn
Lover's Day!"
      Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY
came up with the day back in 2012.
It's his favorite snack and he and his
wife have it every Thursday all year
      I fully support Bob and his home
made holiday. I've loved popcorn
for years. I can't see a movie without
      I used to make it in one of those
aluminum covered pans you held over
the gas burner on the stove. The cover
expanded like a balloon as the kernels
exploded in the heat. These days I keep
a microwave supply close at hand.
      As snacks go popcorn is actually
good for you. Of course the health
value decreases a bit as you add salt
and butter.
      I buy a popcorn bucket every
January at my local Cinemark movie
theater. It costs a little bit more. But
I get to bring it to the theater whenever
I come back and get it filled for just
$3.50. It's an especially good deal for
me because my wife won't eat popcorn!
I get it all to myself. She loves the smell
of fresh popped popcorn, but she doesn't
like those little kernel pieces that can
get stuck in your teeth.
       This week I got her a present that
will allow her to enjoy the taste without
the curse of the kernels!
        It's popcorn flavored jelly beans!
Butter flavored too! And you don't
have to pop them!
        Hope you enjoy the show and that
all your NEWS is good!


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