Sunday, March 27, 2016



    Easter is all about the empty
tomb. But I would be remiss if
I did not report my empty basket.
In fact, there wasn't even a
     Every year we get chocolate,
in some form, for the kids at
Easter. But in the past we, or
rather my wife, has also set out
two small baskets for ourselves.
      This year we decided those
"grown up baskets" weren't
really needed since we usually
ended up some Easter candy
shared by others. I was OK with
the idea.
       Yet, ironically, I realized as
I lounged around at home after
the family feast at my daughter's
house that I had not consumed
even one piece of chocolate on
this Easter holiday! That's a first
for me. At least as far back as I
can remember.
       That's not to say I didn't
have sweets! My grand daughter
came to dinner with a desert that's
come to be known as "Dad's Pie"
over the years. It's base is made
up of Eagle Brand Condensed
Milk which, in my opinion, has
it all over any Chocolate Bunny
ever produced.
         It's during that evening
lounging that the chocolate
was usually my snack of choice.
But thanks to our church the
absence of those Easter treats
was not a problem. You see the
folks at the church brought a
whole lot of pastries for a light
breakfast between our two
Easter services. This year they
must have expected a battalion
of soldiers to show up because
there were a lot of pastries left
         We were urged to take
some home and I felt it my
duty to help out. So, as I lounged,
I devoured a delicious "whatever"
and never missed a bunny head!
The basket may have been empty.
But my tummy is full!
          Hope yours is as well and
that all your NEWS is good!


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