Monday, March 28, 2016


          TANKS A LOT!

     I suspect when most people
think about the town of Berwick
in Columbia County two things
pop into their mind. Wise Potato
Chips and Christmas Boulevard,
a seasonal display that draws
people to see a mile long holiday
display every December.
     There was a time thought when
the Borough was know for the
production of Stuart Army Tanks.
It was during World War Two.
      The American Car and
Foundry Company, which was
well know for manufacturing
railroad cars, was turned into a
Defense Plant where thousands of
these tanks were produced.
       More than 9,000 area people
were employed their to make those
tanks and get them into the battle
fields. My Dad was one of them.
       Dad was a Projectionist and
Theatrical Stage Hand by
profession. But during the war
many people who did not serve
in the armed forces helped our
country in so called "Defense
       Two weeks ago one of those
tanks, now owned and fully
restored by a gentleman from
Oregon, rolled back into Berwick
as part of a celebration and salute
to all the people who built them.
       My Dad and many of his
coworkers during those dark
days of World War Two are
long gone now. But I think they'd
be happy to know they and their
work is being remembered!
       Thanks (tanks) a lot for all
you did! You made all our NEWS


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