Wednesday, March 2, 2016




   Actually there's no need to
rise. I'm only writing to remind
you that this is "National Anthem
    It's official. Congress proclaimed
The Star Spangled Banner our
National Anthem on March 3rd.,
1931. Of course it was written
in 1814. Sometimes Congress
doesn't act very quickly! I think
the same guys may be working on
Pennsylvania's budget!
     We've had some interesting
variations of the tune over the past
ten years or so. And they're usually
offered by big name artists at the
start of one of our major sporting
events. Based on what I've heard
I can only assume some of those
singers realized the melody was
based on a British drinking song
and had a few brews before they
offered their renditions. And it's
really hard to understand how
anybody who's heard it since grade
school can't remember the words.
      I will agree, to some extent,
that Lady Gaga did a pretty good
job at the latest Super Bowl. But
even she extended a few notes that
can actually stand pretty well on
their own.
      I still like the renditions offered
by our nation's military bands. And
it seems especially moving when
they play it!
       Hope you're on Key ( as in
Francis Scott) and that all your NEWS
is good!

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