Wednesday, March 23, 2016


             STEAK OUT!

     I was minding my own business.
I was taking my wife home from a visit
to my son's house when I realized my
route would take me right by my
favorite kielbasa supplier. Plains
Meat Market is one of those family
operated stores like you used to find
in every town. They've won awards
for the quality of their kielbasa and I
figured it would just be good sense
to stop by and get a couple links.
      I've gone in often enough.
Especially around the holidays when
the smoked kielbasa is in great
demand. You can usually tell I've
carried it in my car for about three
days after it's been transported.
     I placed my order. But as it was
being filled I allowed my eyes to
wander just a bit. There was more
than kielbasa in that display case!
      Maybe it was the atmosphere.
Maybe the very mild temperatures
outside. But somehow a couple
cuts of meat in that case seemed
to call out to me. They were, I was
told, Delmonico's! "Buy me" they
said. "Buy me!"  I never could
resist a talking steak!
       45 Minutes later the Easter
kielbasa was safely stored away in
the refrigerator and I found myself
removing the protective cover from
our grill. After all, we had to eat
something before Easter!
        It taste like summer! Hope
there's a lot more to come and
that all your NEWS is good!

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