Wednesday, January 27, 2016

But Seriously Folks......



     I spend a lot of time in this Blog
writing about nonsense. Unique and
strange "holidays" as well as daily
events in my life that tend to lend
themselves to humor.
      But January 28th brings back
memories that are far too serious.
And I'm thinking, specifically, of
January 28th 1986.
      I was in the Wilkes-Barre
Bureau of WYOU watching CBS
coverage of the launch of the space
shuttle Challenger. It was to be a
unique mission. One that included
Christa McAuliffe, a woman who
would have been the first teacher
in outer space. Because of her
participation an estimated 17% of
Americans were watching the
      But just 73 seconds after blast
off Challenger broke apart taking
the lives of McAuliffe and her 6
      I turned our Bureau television
set to face our large front window
so people passing by could watch
as the story unfolded. It was bad
news! But it wasn't the only bad
news.That same day I got a call
from my doctor telling me that a
tumor discovered in my back was
malignant! Hard personal news
on a hard news day!
     A month or so later a
successful operation removed
a mass my wife estimated to be
over ten pounds from my back.
I often tell those who don't know
that the large scar on my back is
the result of a shark bite! At least
I got a funny story out of that.
     But seriously folks, today I
remember a story of national
tragedy and a personal scare
I'm glad to say I can tease about
these 30 years later!
      Hope none of us have too
many days like that......and that
all our NEWS is good!


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  1. Yes David, It is amazing how much CAN happen in one split second! I was watching the T.V. coverage that day too and I still remember how shocking that was to see!
    So happy to hear that your "shark bite" was taken care of quickly! God Bless!!!