Monday, January 4, 2016

It's For The Birds!



   January 5th. It's for the Birds.
That is, it's National Bird Day!
   I like birds. I even worked
with one for many years. Derry
Bird. Who, ironically, was an
expert on birds.
    We had a bird too. Sam was
a rescued cockatiel who lived
with us till he passed away in
2014. Sam was a good talker.
Of course so was Derry!
     These days we've converted
Sam's old cage into a feeding
station for wild birds in our
area. I'm always amazed at how
they fly into a cage because they
know there's food waiting for
     Of course Derry and I used
to fly into the lunch room that
way too!
      We enjoy watching the birds
nearly as much as all the viewers
enjoyed watching Derry when he
was giving the weather.
       The only problem we're
having is the neighborhood cats
who seem to enjoy watching the
birds too. Especially when they
fly to the ground to gather spilled
       Anyway here's to the birds.
Whether they be our fine feathered
friends or my former colleague
Hope all their, and your NEWS is

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