Monday, January 18, 2016


           IT'S A GAS!

   Well it finally happened! Even though
former Governor Tom Corbett's Gas
Tax.......excuse me...."Gas Fee," is still
being collected, I found a local station
selling a gallon of Regular for under
     There have been stations posting gas
at $1.99 or so. But those have all been
"Cash only prices." I think that means
you have to have actual money and I
usually don't have much of that. I use
a credit card and my wife does some kind
of magic every month that seems to
cover the bills the credit card company
sends. I think.
      On Monday I found the Turkey Hill
Store in Pittston advertising Regular at
$1.93 a gallon. But I've got one of those
company cards that knocks an extra three
cents off the price.
      It's still a lot lower in many other areas,
especially in the south. Of course I still
remember the days when you could fill
your tank (some very big tanks at that) for
five bucks in Hazleton "back in the day."
      Then there was the time my good
buddy and I were driving near the
Delaware Gap and accidentally drove
onto the bridge leading into New Jersey.
Back then there was a toll both ways and
our combined pocket change left us with
less than a buck after paying that tariff.
The gas gauge was low and it was a long
way back home!
     That's the day we learned that my Austin
Healey Sprite could take us over 70 miles
on the two gallons of gas we bought for
about 57 cents!
       It's also the day we learned you can cross
 from NJ to PA. for free in the town of
       Hope that price per gallon keeps
falling and that all your NEWS is good!


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