Tuesday, January 19, 2016



        MY DAY IN 2ND GRADE!

    While most of you were busy at
work, checking the weekend weather
forecast, or watching the soap operas
I could be found listening to the likes
of "Father Bear Comes Home" and
"Flossie And The Fox."
     These stories, and many others,
were narrated by various readers on
cassette tapes designed to be played
for second grade students who would
follow along in books.
      When her cassette player finally
died of old age the local teacher who
owned the tapes asked if I might be
able to convert them to CD's. As it
happens I have a machine designed
to do just that.
       Of course you've got to listen
to each story as you record them so
I'm now well aware that Flossie was
able to get the fox to wonder if he
really was a fox. I also know about
the tough decision Ira had to make
about whether or not to bring his teddy
bear to a sleep over at his friend's
       I faced a challenge or two myself.
You see each cassette presented each
story twice. On one side the narrator
just read the story. On the other side
the narration was interrupted by tones
that sounded each time the student was
to turn the page in his or her book.
        The teacher wanted the side with
the tones. But I couldn't hear them on
a couple of tapes so I didn't know if
I was playing the correct side. My wife,
however, could hear the tones so she
assured me I was OK. Luckily I was
able to hear her when she told me!
          Anyhow the job is done so the
classic story of "Amelia Bedelia And
The Surprise Shower," and others, can
be shared with the 2nd graders for years
to come. Later, in History Class, they'll
learn about things like Cassette recorders!
          Hope they're happy endings. and
that all your NEWS is good!

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