Friday, January 29, 2016

Let's Get Out Of Here!!!



   If you've been down in the dumps
dealing with those seasonal winter
blues today is your day!
   January 30th is National Escape
Day! Today you're encouraged
to escape from the daily routine
and to pamper yourself.
    It could involve an actual get
away for a weekend. Or perhaps
an outing to a restaurant. Maybe a
    Of course you don't actually have
to leave home to enjoy an escape.
Those who celebrate regularly
suggest you crank up your favorite
music and get your dance on! Or
grab a few of your favorite flicks,
curl up with a nice blanket, some
sweet treats and delicious snacks, and
make it movie night!
      I do my best to try to escape from
reality most every day. Those who
follow this Blog everyday know I've
had my share of success.
     Paraphrasing the character Elwood
P. Dowd from the movie "Harvey,"
'I've  wrestled with reality for years,
Doctor, and I'm happy to state I finally
won out over it.'
     Hope they haven't told area inmates
about this "holiday" and that all your
NEWS is good.


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