Sunday, January 3, 2016

Look Into My Eyes!



   It's the Monday after New Year's
Day. Most kids are back to school
and those of you still in the work
force are likely back to work.
   January 4th., is "Pop Music Chart
Day," "Trivia Day," and "Tom Thumb
Day."  But it is also "World Hypnotism
    I've always been fascinated by
hypnotism. I remember Count Dracula
using it in those old scary movies. And
many magicians put it to work with
volunteers they'd bring up on stage from
the audience.
     I never wanted to be hypnotized. I
certainly didn't relish some magician
making me do a silly dance or act like
a monkey in front of a crowd of people.
     I did, on the other hand, think I'd
like to learn to hypnotize somebody
else. I do know it has a lot to do with
the power of suggestion. But when I
tried to use that on some of my first
dates it didn't work very well.
      I've gotten better with age. Just
yesterday as two of our grandkids
traveled with us I suggested a stop
for ice cream might be a good idea.
They fell for it immediately and within
an hour I had them both eating a cup
full of their favorite flavor! I didn't
even have to stare them down!
      Self hypnotize seems to be effective
too. I suddenly found myself with a
cup full of Coconut Cream!
       Hope I can remember how I did
it and that all your NEWS is good!


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