Friday, January 1, 2016




   A lot of you are kind enough to
take a minute or two to read this
daily blog. Some take the time to
check "Like" after it's posted, And
a few will really delight me by
leaving a comment. A couple,
including a friend named Iris,will
comment nearly every day!
    A week ago, December 27th to
be exact, I invited all of you to
celebrate National Fruitcake Day.
    Iris "Liked" the Blog but
explained that she doesn't like
Fruitcake! So, in fairness, I felt
I should tell Iris and the two or
three other people who share her
taste, or lack of it, that today,
January 2nd is the annual
"Fruitcake Toss Day."
    Manitou Springs, Colorado
has hosted the Fruitcake Toss
tournament every year since 1995.
During the competition, fruitcakes
are thrown, hurled, catapulted and
cannoned into the air using a range
of inventive devices. Those braving
this event would be wise to remember
to look up occasionally – a frozen
fruitcake in the face is a formidable
force when fired from an exercise
-bike-powered cannon.
    We can't enter. We've already
consumed must of our Christmas
Fruitcake. But if you're stuck with
one and don't like them perhaps
you'll want to join in today's festivities.
     Hope you aim one this way, and
that all your NEWS is good!

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