Saturday, January 30, 2016



   I remember when we were told
to do Closed Captions on all our
news scripts so the hearing
impaired could follow our reports.
It showed my writing down a lot
because, all of a sudden, I had to
pay attention to spelling. That's
OK. It was for a good cause.
    You had to depend on sub
titles if you wanted to see a foreign
movie unless, of course, you spoke
the language. I didn't so those sub
titles were great.
     But the Closed Captions and
the sub titles all had one thing in
common. They were done in
     Those it was I found myself
more than just a little confused
when I turned on Facebook
yesterday and found strange
symbols, or letters, or whatever
they were, under all of the posts
sent by my friends. The section
of my page that usually reads
"HOME" was replaced with
similar writing. While my friends
post were still coming through in
English, these "sub titles" were
very distracting! They looked
a little like this อากาศข้างบนหลังคาดีไหมคร้าบ.
     One Facebook friend was
kind enough to steer me to a page
designed to change language
settings. But the page that came up
was totally in hieroglyphics!
      Since he was seeing the same
instructions in English he was able
to tell me where, on the page, I should
put my cursor and hit Enter! Talk about
a Seeing Eye Guide!
       So as of now I am back to a
normal looking page. The set up that
is. Many of the posts are still abnormal!
But they're all in English!
       Hope I spelled hieroglyphs right
and that all your NEWS is good!


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