Friday, January 22, 2016



   I like to come up with something
new for my Blog everyday. But
every now and then I find one of
my originals that, in my mind,
deserves to be repeated. Today is
such a day! So, write on brother!
    Are you celebrating? After all, this is
"National Handwriting Day!"
    I would have sent you a formal notice
but, chances are, you wouldn't be able to
make out handwriting!
    Seems sort of wrong to be
typing this blog to tell you about it. But
if you've ever seen my handwriting you
know it's better I use my keyboard!
    It's not just that others can't read my
writing. After a couple of hours, when
I begin to forget the original message,
I can't read it either!
    According to the website "Holiday
Insights", National Handwriting Day
was established in 1977 by the Writing
Instruments Manufactures Association.
    The idea was to promote the consumption
of pencils, pens, and writing paper.
    I've never eaten any of them!
    But I still use all of them!
    I think I try to write too fast when
I'm taking notes and, unless I print or type
the message over right away, I forget
what I've written!
     I've been making an effort to improve
my handwriting.
     But just try to be neat even with your
own signature when you're signing you
name on a Walmart check out screen!
     The "pencils" or whatever they call
those things don't have points. You see
your signature as you sign the screen.
    But you're lucky if two or three letters
are actually recognizable.
     Maybe it's because the little
signature screen is on an angle and
you're trying to keep one hand on your
cart while you're holding your credit
card and wallet in the same hand you're
using to sign.
      It doesn't seem to make much
difference. I suspect your card would be
approved even if you scribbled John Wilkes
    And you'd still get the bill!
    Hopefully you're signing for your
purchase of new socks or shoes because
January 23rd is also "Measure Your
Feet Day!"
     I'm also hoping this "holiday" survives!
     Some schools have stopped teaching
Cursive all together! I've got to wonder
how those students will react when they
see something like the Declaration
of Independence. Will they even be able
to sign their own name? Or will the old
fashion "X" come back into style?
     I believe we should all be trying to
encourage the continued teaching of
Cursive and trying to improve our own
    Hope you're doing just that and that

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