Sunday, January 17, 2016




    Foot problems had me pretty
much immobilized on Sunday.
Still I was at the restaurant,
the arcade, the accountant, the
tailor, and the big game. And
I never left the house!
     My daughter stopped by
with two of my grandkids to
help us file our tax returns.
Another grandson came by as
well to have some alterations
made to his new karate uniform.
The two grandsons spent some
time on legos and a game of
chess. We all enjoyed a dinner
together and watched the NFL
Playoff action on TV after
doing our own instant replay
of some old home videos.
      Being somewhat confined
to the couch I just took it all in.
It reminded me of the days
when the house was typically a
buzz of activity on a Sunday
afternoon on those rare occasions
when we stayed at home for the
      I'm not happy about my
foot ach. But I have to admit it
created an enjoyable excuse to
get a lot of the family to spend
an afternoon together.
      Hope we can do it again
when I can stand up......and that
all your NEWS is good!


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