Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Mechanic's Medicine



    I had two vehicles in need of first
aid when I awoke yesterday. My van,
with a dead battery, was due for inspection
and a bit of body work. My wife's car
would require some new tires if we
expected to actually get around through
our first snow of the new year. My job....
get the work done.
    It wasn't that I minded the challenge.
But my own body needed some work as
well as I've been dealing with a nasty
cough for over a week.
    I used the battery in my wife's car
to jump start the van then drove it to
my favorite neighborhood garage for
the inspection and body work.
    Joe, my mechanic, had some medal
hidden away to eliminate the rusty
spot on the body and an inspection
sticker ready to apply once he was able
to check out the rest of the vehicle.
    But he said there was another
priority. A crock pot was plugged in
on a section of his work bench. From it
he poured a cup full of home made
chicken, vegetable soup which he
handed to me.
     I've been using prescribed
antibiotics, as well as over the counter
decongestants and allergy medications
since just after my cough showed up.
I'm sure they all helped. But I actually
felt physically better once I had the
     The van has its new sticker and the
rust spot has been repaired. We took
advantage of a discount offer to get
new tires on my wife's car. My cough
has subsided a bit although it's not
completely gone yet. I may have to go
back to the garage! Or the doctor.
Probably the garage!
      Hope there's more soup....and that
all your NEWS is good!

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