Monday, February 1, 2016



     I'd like to start your day and this month
out on a high note by informing you that
this is Crusoe Day!
     Wait! Before you start singing his praises,
it's Crusoe not Caruso! Not Enrico. Robinson!
      The sailor. Not the singer. Got it?
      You'd think this would be celebrated on
a Friday wouldn't you?
       Well, anyway, every February 1st is
observed as Robinson Crusoe Day.
        You see, like so many of today's popular
movies, the story of the marooned sailor
Robinson Crusoe is based on actual events!
         A Scottish sailor named Alexander
Selkirk was rescued from a uninhabited
island on this date in 1709 and his tale was
the basis for the book "Robinson Crusoe"
written by Daniel Defoe.
         What Defoe didn't tell us was that
Selkirk asked to be put ashore after getting
into a quarrel with his Captain. Maybe he
thought it was a resort!? He was there for
five years!!!!!! With only Friday around!
       At least Gilligan had associates like
 Ginger and Mary Ann!
       Ideally you are to observe Robinson
Crusoe Day by being "adventurous and
self-reliant." Realizing there are things to
be done around the house however, I intend
to note the day by......"getting lost!"
       Hope you survive the day and that all
your NEWS is good!

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