Monday, February 15, 2016


            MY DAY OFF!

       I had a day off yesterday. Since
 I'm technically retired you could say
 I've got everyday off. But that's not
 exactly true.
        My schedule these days seems
 to have me busier than when I put
 in my 40 plus hours every week.
 I probably put in as many or more
 now. But the jobs are slightly
 different and I don't get paid! That's
 not a heck of a lot less than when I
 did get paid so I can live with that.
        One of the things that keeps me
 busy is the weekly television show
 I do on Electric City TV based in
 Scranton. Every Monday I co-host
 and produce a program that promotes
 services available to the public or
 upcoming public events. We do the
 show live and record it at the same
 time so it can be played back about
 a dozen more times during the week
on Comcast channel 19. Rusty Fender
serves as my co-host and Mark Migilore
       Since it's difficult to get a guest
 to come in on holidays we sometimes
 tape a program in advance to cover
 a program scheduled for a holiday.
 That's how I got yesterday, President's
 Day, off.
        It suddenly felt like I was actually
 retired. A day when I didn't have to
 put the suit and tie on and go into the
        Instead I helped my grandson
 with the train layout we're building
 and caught a couple movies on TV.
 The suit and tie stayed in the closet.
 It was enjoyable. This "retired stuff"
 isn't so bad!
        Today's there's a "To Do List"
 waiting including finding some
 guests for upcoming programs on
 my show. I've also got to catch up
 with some friends with some phone
 calls. None of that will require the
 suit so it's still all good.
         Hope you enjoyed your day
 off and that all your NEWS is


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