Wednesday, February 24, 2016



      So there we were. Minding our
own business watching "The Middle"
on TV. I was half thinking about what
subject I'd use for today's Blog.
      All of a sudden the pitter patter
of rain drops turned into a wind blown
blast! It's the kind of sound you might
expect if you stayed inside your vehicle
as you were pulled through the  car wash.
       Then came the thunder! We had a
couple roars that actually rocked the
house as though there was an earthquake!
We could feel the vibrations in the floor
and walls!
       You're suppose to count seconds
after seeing the flash of lighting. I've
been told each second between the flash
and the resulting thunder equals about
one mile of distance between you and
the spot where the lighting hit!
       If that's true the first lighting strike
that vibrated out house was 13 miles
away. The next was 7. We stopped
counting about then!
       But the storm also brought out
the best in my two older grandsons.
One, who's driving now, checked in
from a Rest Stop where he was smart
enough to pull over and wait out the
heavy downpours. The other called
just to make sure we were all right!
Two silver linings in this not so
perfect storm!
       I had been tempted to Blog about
 "Pistol Patent Day" or "National
Chili Day" which are both observed
on February 25th. But, on my Blog.
they both got rained out!
       Hope you stayed dry and that
all your NEWS is good!

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