Friday, February 26, 2016



    My wife an I were off to the Doctor
Friday. Since I had a bit of congestion
and a cough I figured I'd avoid my three
month allergy shot during this visit.
    Surprise! I got it anyway. Right in
the end!
    Now freshly medicated I thought
we'd head right home to get some much
needed rest.
    Surprise! I suddenly found myself in
the one place most men do everything
in their power to avoid. A Fitting room
in a Department store.
    This is distressing under the best of
circumstances. You take off your
comfortable blue jeans and try on a
pair of trousers that are suppose to go
with a suit you're planning to buy. But
even if they fit like a glove you've got
to parade them for your wife, and any
other wives in the vicinity, lift you
shirt to see how they look around your
waist, then turn around a couple times
as though you're on the runway at a
Gentleman's Quarterly  Magazine show.
       And you can be sure there will be,
at a minimum, one other pair to be
       Then, have you ever tried getting
those slacks back on the hangers
exactly the way they were before you
tried them on? I don't think it can be
       Now we had sizes, But the store
didn't have the color we needed so a
friendly Customer Service Assistant
began the process of ordering what
we wanted on line. Since I wasn't
actually sure of the color myself I
figured we'd be done for the day.
       Surprise! My wife turned on her
cell phone to call and get the
information. The last time I recall my
wife actually using that Tract Phone
was when we were separated from
one another in a Supermarket about
a year and a half ago and she needed
to find me. She has collected enough
unused minutes to be able to make a
call and talk for a week!
       Well, everything got done and
soon a package will be arriving at
our house with a brand new suit
packaged by someone I've never
met in a color I've yet to actually
see, in a size sent in by computer!
       Hope there are no surprises and
that all your NEWS is good!


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