Tuesday, February 9, 2016


           CAGE MATCH!

     It's always neat to watch birds
flying into a cage outside of our
     It used to hold our pet
Cockatiel "Sam" until he passed
away. We set it on its stand outside
our front porch and fill the inside
with birdseed and bread.
      You can see the birds feeding
from our kitchen window. But
every now and then the lack of
activity attracts our attention.
       If the birds aren't there you
can usually assume there's a cat
waiting on the ground nearby
looking for a chance to feed on
the feeders!
       But the other day I discovered
another reason for the bird's sudden
absence! Seems they've got
competition for their dinner!
       A squirrel has discovered the
seed and bread and, like humans,
who can resist a free meal? I must
have spooked him when I stepped
outside as he suddenly began
running around the walls of the
cage trying to remember how he
got in and where he could get out!
I've been there myself a time or two!
       As long as I step out from
time to time the match remains
a draw. The squirrel scrams when
he sees me and the birds get some
feed time of their own.
       I guess it's good to share.
Hope there's enough bread and
that all your NEWS is good!

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