Tuesday, February 2, 2016


           THE SHADOW KNOWS!

     "The Shadow knows!" That line,
followed by a creepy laugh, was heard
each week back in radio's golden era
came out
as part of a mystery/suspense series
called "The Shadow."
       In in the main character, Lamont
Cranston, had the ability to "cloud
men's minds" and become invisible
as he confronted evil doers.
        So in the wake of Tuesday's
festivities, I'm thinking our state
Groundhog,  Puxatawney Phil, must
have this same uncanny ability!
        I mean this popular rodent
came out of his hiding place on a
beautiful sunny day and "told"
his handlers in "Groundhogese"
that he didn't see his shadow!
        Now that's suppose to mean
good news for those of us who
want an early spring. So I probably
should leave well enough alone.
Still, as I walked the wooded area
near my house I couldn't help but
notice a long tall shadow
following along. It was mine!
        Maybe it all depends on
whose or what's shadow we're
looking for!
        Hope Phil is right and that
all your NEWS is good!

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