Saturday, February 27, 2016




   Just in case you didn't already know, today
is "National Tooth Fairy Day!"
   Well, actually, it's one of two dates
recognized for the day. The other is August
22nd. Which ever you choose to observe
she deserves the honor!
    According to the Tooth
Fairy has been around for hundreds of years,
possibly dating back to medieval times. I
suppose she gave out pennies back in those
    But the old gal has apparently been
keeping track of inflation!
    When I was a kid I think I got a quarter
when I lost a tooth and put it under my
     Her swap, the tooth for money, had gone
up to about a buck when my kids put their
lost teeth there.
     Now I've heard reports that some of
our youngsters today get as high as five
dollars for their lost molars!
     If this trend continues, I've got a "partial"
I might consider swapping for a small nest
     I feel bad for my wife! She has every one
of the teeth that came with her! Talk about
being deprived growing up. Even if she had
lost a tooth she was one of eight kids so I'd
be willing to bet the Tooth Fairy was afraid
to check on their place!
     I have to admit I'm a little confused as
to why she wants all those teeth! I mean,
OK, if there are gold or even Silver fillings
I could understand. But most of her take is
those so called "Baby teeth."
     And I know something she doesn't know!
     My sister-in-law is quicker than the Tooth
Fairy! She collected all of our niece's lost teeth
and gave them back to her one year!
     I think she would have preferred the money.
But you've got to know my sister-in-law!
     I'm not sure what you're suppose to do to
celebrate this special day. Perhaps a great big
smile will do the trick!
      Hope you're grinning and that all your
NEWS is good!


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