Wednesday, February 17, 2016



  Chances are where ever you're
going or what ever you're doing
today you'll be depending on
batteries. The one that starts you
car. The one that powers your cell
phone and/or IPod. The one in
your flashlight that leads you to
the circuit breaker when your
electricity goes out!
  And what would any of us guys do
if we didn't have batteries to work
our TV remotes?
   I'm thinking about all of them
today because this is "National
Battery Day!" Break out the "D
cells" and the "Triple A's!"
   To spark your interest perhaps I
should explain that February 18th
is the Birthday of  Alessandro Volta,
Italian physicist and inventor of the
electric battery, who was born in
1745. Yes, it was an Italian that
came up with the battery! And he
didn't have either a car or a TV!
   So let's take a moment to say
"Grazie" to Mr. Volta for the
invention that today powers so
many of the devices on which we've
come to depend. Too bad so many
of them come with the admonishment
"Batteries Not Included!"
    Hope your smoke detector is
working and that all your NEWS is

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