Tuesday, February 16, 2016



   I was only half watching the old
movie that was playing on HBO
yesterday when a couple lines of
dialog caught my attention.
   Tobey Maguire was playing a
student trying to learn about
writing from an author and
professor played by Michael
Douglas. The professor asks
Maguire where he's from. And he
answers "Carvel, Pennsylvania.
Just outside Scranton."
      I recognized Scranton right
away. I've been there. I've worked
there. But I never heard of Carvel.
Let alone a town by that name any
place near Scranton.
      There are plenty of Carvel's
listed in the Keystone state. But
they're all ice cream stands.
       Even in the movie a telephone
operator is unable to locate a town
called Carvel. Still.....I wonder.
Could one exist?
        One of the "great ideas" put
forward by management at WYOU
a few years back was to get people
in various towns to say "Good night"
as a way of ending our newscasts.
"Good night from Wilkes-Barre"
as an example.
         My cameraman and I
decided it would be neat to find
towns with unusual names. We
found Milwaukee, not far from
Clarks Summit, and Brooklyn up
in Susquehanna County. Of course
we've got our own Moscow. And
how about "Rough and Ready"
in Schuylkill County!?  
        We never did find "Carvel."
But maybe it's a neighborhood
rather than a town. You know.
Like Dutch Hollow in Scranton.
         If you find it let me know!
Hope you do and that all your
NEWS is good!

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