Monday, February 22, 2016



       No. This is not an alert for
Kmart shoppers!
       Those who follow my daily
Blog know we've been doing battle
with a family of skunks who took
up residence under our mobile
home. Four have been evicted thus
far and we're waiting to see if that
accounts for all of the critters.
         Of course before the quartet
was relocated they left behind a
remembrance of their visit. It has
lingered in our kitchen and living
room and on the jackets and coats
kept in a closet there.
         My daughter has sent a
counter measure to the rescue.
It is volcano like container filled
with some sort of oil that emits
a lavender type scent throughout
the rooms. The top has a bluish
glow. (Hence the Blue Light
        I'm told it is an Essential
Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser!"
        I thought defusing was
something you did to a bomb! Of
course, come to think of it, I suppose
you could say those skunks did
"bomb" us! If only we could have
defused them before they exploded!
        Hope we're really defusing
the situation and that all your NEWS
is good!


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