Saturday, February 20, 2016



   Don't pick Curtain # 1!
   About a week ago I told you
about a very unwelcome visitor
who literally stunk up our house.
The skunk had taken up residence
under our place and, while fighting
with a stray cat, used its ultimate
weapon in his defense.
    Of course his defense proved
a terrible offense for us!
    Fortunately we have a helpful
neighbor who has had experience
dealing with polecats. While we
opened the windows our neighbor
set a trap covered by....well......let's
call it a curtain. The covering allows
one to pick up the trap, complete
with skunk, without facing the
danger of being sprayed.
     We were pleased with our
neighbor's success. The offending
skunk was captured and relocated.
Well.......the first one anyway!
      The third skunk was captured
Friday night. As it was being taken
away a forth one decided it was mad
at somebody or something and,,,,yep
we ended up dealing with the results
of its anger.
      Luckily the 62 degree temperatures
allowed us to open the windows, all
of them, and the doors so things aired
out a bit. That is until 7:15 Saturday
night when skunk # 4 entered the
trap....after letting loose a blast.
Probably at another cat! Under the
      The trap is now waiting for
removal in the morning (less chance
of getting sprayed then.)
      Hope he's the last and that all your
NEWS is good!

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