Monday, February 8, 2016



    Just what we need! A holiday
encouraging us to eat donuts!
Well it's here. And it's today!
    Shrove Tuesday, know in
some countries as Pancake
Tuesday, is the day preceding
Ash Wednesday. It's suppose
to be the last day of "fat eating"
or "gorging" before the fasting
period of Lent.
      For many, today's menu
will include the "Paczki." They
are Pączki are deep fried pieces
of dough usually shaped into
flattened spheres packed with
some sort of sweet filling and
often covered with powdered
sugar. They're said to be
Polish in origin.
     Of course, as our buddy
Billy Shakespeare pointed out
in Romeo and Juliet, "A rose
by any other name would smell
as sweet."  So, if I had the
chance, I'd be nibbling on a
Malasada today! We found
them on the Big Island of
Hawaii last year and they are
just perfect for Shrove Tuesday.
Or any other Monday, Wednesday,
or...well....the rest of the week!
     Since they pretty much fit
the description of the Paczki,
except bigger, I'm beginning to
think maybe the Polish settled
Hawaii! I'd like to have some
today. But it's a long trip for a
      Guess a Dunkin or Curry
will have to do! Hope you get
your dough today and that all
your NEWS is good!

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