Sunday, February 7, 2016


         HALF WAY HOUSE!

      The seats at Super Bowl were
   still pretty much empty when the
   party guests started showing up
   at my daughter and son-in-law's
   house Sunday.
        Only a few of those attending
    are die hard football fans. But
    most are die hard eating and
    party fans! There was plenty of
    good things to eat from cooked
    specialties to finger foods. And
    even though no one went
    swimming, most of us found
    ourselves jumping into a "pool."
         Everyone enjoyed each
    other's company and, now and
    then, we even watched a little
    of the game. As usual, the
    commercial and Half Time got
    a lot of attention.
          But just about the time Half
    Time was ending people started
    gathering their coats and heading
    for the door. One had to drive
    back to New Jersey. A few had
    kids that had to be up for school.
    One had to go to work. And a
    couple of us were just old and
    tired. I guess that makes us a
    Half Way House!
          I can't believe our situation
    was all that unique. Super Bowl
    may be a great time to get families
    together. But most families can't
    hang in there at a party location
    till nearly 11 o'clock at night and
    still get home in time to be ready
    for school or work the following
          I've said, for years, that the
     Super Bowl extravaganza should
     be moved to Saturdays or, at least,
     started much earlier on Sundays!
     Hope somebody smart in the NFL
     gets the message....and that all
     your NEWS is good!


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