Monday, September 4, 2017



    My wife and I didn't have any specific
plans for Labor Day although we did let
the day begin without us by sleeping in a
     My daughter-in-law and I tossed around
a few ideas and the one that seemed most
promising was to meet for a picnic.
      The word went out to all family
members who were available and we were
set yo go!
       I put the top down on the Miata and
we filled our small cooler, the one that fits
in the trunk, knowing the others would
handle the bigger items to make a picnic
       Of course most of out plans evolve
as we go. So it was this time as, being
a half hour ahead of the others, we
changed our destination to a spot a little
closer so we'd have more time to spend
together. That put us at the Susquehanna
Riverlands, a park originally created by
PPL when it built its nuclear power plant
in Columbia County.
      It has a lake, picnic tables and grills,
walking trails, and a playground for the
kids. Young and old!
       It proved a great place to spend
the last unofficial day of summer. Some
have already gone back to school but all
go back tomorrow.
        That includes my wife and I! Oh we
don't have any classes but our schedule is
already filled with grandkids's sports
activities through the fall.  
         Of course with a little luck and
some weekend sunshine maybe we'll
be able to sneak a couple more picnics
in before we give up for the year.
         Hope we get a few and that all
your NEWS is good!


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