Wednesday, September 13, 2017


                      "ON SIDES!"

     I know! I know! The call is usually "Off
Sides." But my narrative involves the
referees who were passing by on our side
of the filed as they officiated at my grandson's
soccer game Wednesday.
     Referees often take a lot of abuse. It can
come from both sides in a sporting contest.
As the late Judge Bernard Brominski used
to tell me "It all depends on whose ox is
being gored!"
      And let it not be said I was beyond
feelings, one way or the other, for those
who officiated when I was on the field.
      I thought the umpire who called the
three hit shutout I pitched was brilliant.
But there were those, from time to time,
who were using a different strike zone
than me! They, of course, were terrible!
      At Wednesday's soccer contest
between Wyoming Area and Pittston
the fans enjoyed three referees who
were not only calling the game but
truly seemed to enjoy what they were
      Since there was no score board
one often admonished us not to worry
because "There's only ___ minutes
      Another took a shot in the back
from a ball boy to anxious to get the
soccer ball back in play! He laughed
it off then laughed again when the
tables were turned and a ball came
sailing into the area where we were
all seated!
        We remind the kids that "it's
only a game," Sometimes it's the
fans that need the reminder!
         Thanks Refs for a good game
and some entertainment as well!
Hope all your NEWS is good!

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