Monday, September 11, 2017



   Video games were unheard of when I
was growing up. And now I learn there's
a National Video Game Day. And this is
    These electronic games have come so
far kids now play them on their cell phones
while they're riding in the car! No more "I
spy with my little eye" or checking to see
who can spot the most out of state license
plates! I'm not sure kids even look out
car windows any more!.
     My first video game, if you can call it
that, was a TV show called "Winky Dink
and You." It ran Saturday mornings on
CBS and was hosted by Jack Barry who
became a famous game show personality
until the scandal over rigged contests hit
the headlines.
      Kids watching Winky Dink were
encouraged to buy a transparent
plastic cover you placed over your TV
screen. When the cartoon character
Winky Dink ran into trouble they drew
a door or a window, or something else,
through which the character escaped.
      Of course there were a few kids here
and there who simply followed the
drawing instructions without using that
plastic cover. I suppose more than a
couple TV screens were ruined because
of the program!
         Eventually the real video games
came along. I had Pong (you'll have to
explain that to your kids) and then
games like Nintendo.
           Funny thing is some of the
grandkids are intrigued by the stack of
old board games we still have in our
game room and, given a chance, can
get just as involved with them as we
used to in "days of old."
            I imagine folks without power
in Florida could use a few of those if
their kids are at home! You don't have
to plug in Monopoly!
            Hope you'll enjoy a game
(of any sort_ today and that all your
NEWS is good!

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