Sunday, September 10, 2017


                    NO NEWS!

  My first quest after starting this blog
back in May, 2011 was to name it!
   Since I had recently been retired from more
that 50 years in news broadcasting I wanted to
steer clear of commentary relating to the daily
"news beat."
  The old saying..."No news is good news"
immediately popped into my mind so I claimed
it as my title. I added the question mark, however,
to allow my readers to decide whether my
essays should or might occasionally be
considered news worthy.
   Little did I know there was actually an
unofficial holiday called "No news is good
news day!"
   It's kind of ironic it falls on September 11th
given the fact that one of the biggest news events
in the history of our nation is remembered on
the same date!
   The idea behind this "holiday" is simple!
   Stay away from all the traditional news
sources. Radio, television, and newspapers.
   That way you won't hear, or see, or read about
all the "bad news" they deliver on a daily basis!
    Of course you'll miss the latest news from
Florida and you won't know how many of those
reporters,who were standing out in the storm,
survived it or not.....this is "No News
Is Good News Day"......and have I got Good
News for you!!!!!!
    Hope all your NEWS is good!

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